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Summer newsletter 2006

Welcome to the short newsletter for Summer 2006.

Chiropody appointments - Alan Ward, a registered chiropodist, is available for appointments here at Gildea's every fortnight. Alan has a large number of clients in the area already and the response to his service starting in Kinnegad has been fantastic. For further information, or to make an appointment, just phone the pharmacy 044 9375102.

Vision Aid Overseas - we are continuing to collect old spectacles for this marvellous charity, who organise their redistribution in under-developed countries. Many thanks to the large number of people who have already supported this campaign, and also supported the recent raffle we held for Vision Aid Overseas. Thanks to all who participated - we raised 700 EURO !

Stay safe in the sun - remember to take care when out in the sun, especially with childrenSLIP on a shirt, SLAP on a hat and SLOP on your sunscreen ! Many people just consider suncare when travelling abroad - but its just as important when we get out and about here at home.

Photos from Digital Media - printing your photos at home can be really satisfying, but it can also be frustratingly slow and sometimes the results aren't what you expected. Call in and check out the great value in-store for digital photos - you pick what you want at our self-service monitor and then get real photos at a price that you won't beat. We can burn a CD for you so you can reuse your memory card, and all photos come with an index print to make it easy to reorder prints and see what you've got at a glance.

Kinnegad Juniors AFC - we have been delighted to be supporters of our local soccer team in their first year in operation. And what a year - making the finals in the Under 12 ADSL cup and also in the Under 10 ADSL Mini League ! Bad luck to the brave Under 12 squad (under the tutelage of Kinnegad's own Jose Mourinho - Mick Ronan!!) who lost in the final and all the best to the Under 10's in their final. The town really owes a great deal of thanks to the volunteers behind this fledgling organisation for making this club the success it is.

Thanks for taking the time to look at our newsletter. We appreciate all feedback good and bad, so if there is anything we do that you don't like or anything that we should do but don't - please let us know !!

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